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Martes - 23.Julio.2024
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Interview with Dani, owner of Kandani Bikes, Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

Andrés Moreno

.- Dani, you opened Kandani in 1995. Twenty years. How is achieved to reach such an age with so many economic ups and downs, especially those that occurred recently?

I do not think I have the formula for it but maybe dedication, love of work, customer care as maximum value of our business, continually investing in the business and being surrounded by a great team. These have been the main causes of maintaining a line of growth year after year despite the circumstances happening around this time.

.- Ibiza is a relatively mountainous island. Does this mean that your most important customers are those who are in great physical shape?

Not particularly. Ibiza offers a variety of roads and trails that can makes anyone enjoy fantastic journeys regardless of their physical condition either by road or mountain bikes.

 .- The tourist season starts in May and ends in late October. However the island is of an undeniably beauty and the temperature gentle enough in winter. Do you miss the influx of visitors offseason?

Ibiza effectively meets the conditions in which to receive visitors throughout the year, and undoubtedly we miss a longer season. Personally I think it takes very little to get to the point of receiving tourists throughout the year. The implication of airlines and maintain part of the services open (hotels, restaurants ..) would make this possible. The island provides everything else …

 .- Kandani has received 2 models of electric bicycles company Klever Mobility now, some more are coming in late April. You have tried the models. What is your opinion in reference to the conditions of the island?

Two models that offer elegance and comfort, equipped with high end components that provide safety and efficacy. The ideal bike to enjoy the island in a relaxed way. Its autonomy allows reaching any point on the island without recharging.

.- Do you think necessary a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles? If so, where will you place the stations?

As I said earlier the bikes have great autonomy, nevertheless I see interesting some recharging places in major tourist centers such as San Antonio, Ibiza, Santa Eulalia, San Jose and San Miguel.

.- Not want to push you, but we want to know the political support that any company engaged in making sports and leisure services as you could receive from local and regional institutions.

I do not know, until now I have never asked for it, but I have no doubt that anyone presenting a serious and responsible program will get the necessary aid

Give us your honest opinion to the following questions.
.- Three places in the interior of the island that no one should miss.

Santa Gertrudis, Es broll de Buscastell and the Morna Valley and surrounding areas.

.- Three coves and beaches that everyone should visit.

Ses Salines, Cala Conte and Aguas Blancas.

.- Three restaurants with local cuisine to those who have to go to lunch or dinner.

  Es Boldador (cala d'Hort), Cas Pagés and Cana Pepeta (San Lorenzo)

.- Back to winter and cycling. It seems that a growing number of visitors are those specializing in triathlon and both mountain and road cycling. Why?

Unlike what one could imagine, people are realizing that Ibiza is an island with sufficient extension and ramps, making it ideal for cycling in all its forms.

.- We know that you have done cycling for long time and even had a cycling school. Can you suggest some road or mountain routes?

I can suggest many and all of great beauty. In a same route one can toggle coast, inland and mountain. To give three examples, North Coast and San Juan starting and finishing in Santa Eulalia. From Talamanca you could go to visit the old town of Ibiza and finish in the natural park of Ses Salinas. And finally a tour that starts in San José, climb to s'Atalaya (the highest point of the island) and finishing in Cala D'hort opposite to Es Vedra island.

.- Do you think that electric bikes have a niche in the tourism rental market?

Definitely. More and more people are interested in electric bikes. Most tourists in Central Europe that are already using their own electric bike as a transport vehicle in their hometowns.

.- You've given electric bikes before. What has been so far the public that most demanded the service?

Mainly German and Dutch ....

.- Be bold. ¿Bike lanes on interior roads yes or no?

Yes, without any doubt.

.- Do you see the future of the island with good eyes?

Yes in general.

.- What is the main problem that you encounter in renting bikes?

Seasonality. The fact of working only six months hinders recruitment and immobilizes a stock of bikes and vehicles that require maintenance and involve fixing costs throughout the year.

.- What is the main problem that you have faced in renting electric bicycles ?. Do you think the new models of Klever Mobility will solve that problem?

Until now the main problem has been the one hand their autonomy and the limited availability of other models. With Klever I think we're going to cover these needs.

.- Automatic stations for tourism rental, yes or no?

Maybe in the future. Now I see it impractical.

.- To finish this interview give us a phrase, a special say from the locals .

„Salut! I Tornau in voler" (Bless you and come back whenever you want) is the way to say it has been comfortable with the person and the conversation.

.- Thanks Daniel

My pleasure


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