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An electric bike is not to win a race on Ibiza

Andrés Moreno


If you take part on a race and you install an engine on your bike, this is of course called cheating.

But to move around the island on an electric bike is a wonderful experience and no cheating is involved, only common sense.

I am in love with bikes and Ibiza. And I know that to pedal around the island is a hard task due to its many hills. Specially in summer and on smaller roads  And those secondary roads are the ones that show Ibiza as it was years ago.. The smaller the road, the more you go into the interior of the island, more incredibly beautiful it gets and sharper the hills.

Then, why not take it easy with an electric bike? It is not cheating, it is simply about efficiency and fun. Why killing yourself pedaling if you can relax enjoying the scenery?

A tour puts before your eyes old stone houses with patios, old cisterns and cobbler stones, sharing space with modern style houses with robotics systems ordering all functions.

Red earth planting fields between thick pine forests, so thick sometimes it is impossible to walk through. To get lost in Ibiza is not dangerous, it is an opportunity to stop the time and observe the nature and life pure.

Very difficult to do when driving a car.

With an electric bike you can go on your own pace and stopping wherever you want without putting in danger you or other road users Its range is good enough to visit a whole area, even hidden coves without having to recharge on your way bike. Although you can take the charger with you and ask for energy at the many cafes, bars and stores you will find on the way.

The exercises is as hard as you want it to be. Choose high power for long or steep uphills and you probably won´t even sweat. Choose medium or low power for straights and flat terrains and you will conserve power.

It feels like a walk in the park.

This year the company EMOVE has the models B25 and S25 from Klever Mobility. They are designed with a strong frame and good quality disk brakes. The motor is powerful and moving inside the cities of San Antonio and Ibiza will be fast and agile. It almost feel like being 15 again.

Also there is one model of E-mountain bike, called Las Vegas 2.0 from Kreidler. An incredible experience to go uphill dirt roads with it.

For 25 euros per day you can rent the e-bikes at Av doctor Fleming 35, local 1, 07820 San Antonio, Ibiza.


Come and enjoy the island as you never did before.

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