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Martes - 23.Julio.2024
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600 km in Ibiza with a B25 and S25 from Klever Mobility

Andrés Moreno

March and April are great months to come to Ibiza and cycle along its small roads and trails.
The grass is still green and fields are full of yellow wall rockets and are not burned by the summer sun.
I must say I had a great surprise at how friendly the drivers are in this island. Not one has horned me, something normal in other places I´ve visited, and none has been aggressive with me, rather they waited patiently behind me until they could pass me.

What I liked most is riding on the small secondary roads of the northern part of the island where you will find Santa Eulalia, San Carlos, San Juan, San Miguel, San Lorenzo and many beautiful coves.

One of the first advantages you find riding an electric bike is that the times you need to manage a certain distances are almost the same every time and everyday regardless of traffic. Why? Because you can maintain the same average speed without great effort. Even in sections where one direction is uphill and another downhill, such as Santa Eulalia to San Miguel and vice versa. It takes me about 44 minutes to San Miguel most time going uphill, not much, but uphill. However from San Miguel to Santa Eulalia it takes me 37 minutes. Not a big difference.

Another important advantage is the economy. These 600 km would have cost me about 100 euros in gasoline. Anyone could argue that the time spent on a trip is also money. I argue that the time to find a parking place and then walk into the city to the destination must also be counted for.

Yes, it is quicker to go to Santa Eulalia from Ibiza by car, but ... Is it as effective when you enter the city? Parking, walking, traffic ... My time to Santa Eulalia from Ibiza is roughly 37 minutes at an average of 23 km/h. Not much more than it takes with a car. Not to mention if there is hippy market day in Es Canar or Las Dalias.

I think the bike was invented as a mean of personal transport. With the arrival of cars, bicycles became a recreational vehicle and evolved towards this tough sport we call cycling in all its facets. It seems that with the advent of the crisis our cities have started filling up with new riders convinced not only about saving, but because after a while you can´t live without it.

But Spain is very mountainous and many of our towns and cities have some "important" slopes for most humans. This problem is solved by the electric bicycle, or as we should call it, pedal assisted bicycle. The slopes become plains and strong headwind do not stop us dry on the road.

Yes, cycling is an exercise, and in summer time in Spain it can be uncomfortable because we get sweaty to where we need to go. The pedal assisted bicycle solves this problem and help us arrive fresh and oxygenated.

Something bad about pedal-assist bicycles? Few things. A situation you don´t want to happen is to run out of battery. But there are many restaurants with local or international food in the interior roads of the islands, and beaches and coves have usually a restaurant or two. It's just a matter of stopping for a drink or a meal, relax, and ask politely if we can charge our batteries.

There are also small shops to stock up on food and drink and points of interest because of its architecture or natural beauty that are visited by many locals and tourists.
And I wonder ... Why not to install charging infrastructures for cars, bicycles and electric motorcycles?

Many people ask me if cars, bicycles and electric motorcycles are so fast and accelerate as much as gasoline ones. The answer is yes, but that's a topic for another article.



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