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Jueves - 13.Junio.2024
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Ibiza in an electric mountain bike

Andrés Moreno

Let's take away the most important part quickly: The Electric bikes offered by Quadventure-Ibiza are simple to operate, have a strong frame, are stable on descents and easy pedaling uphill.
 The Bafang motor is very powerful and from the handlebar you can choose three different levels of power. It has a control panel which tells you how fast you go and how much more autonomy there is. That is all. Simple.
The mechanic from Quadventure knows the bikes from brake levers to the last link of the chain, and Hector and Mayte will receive you it with a smile and lots of information on how to get to the last corner of the island.
All this would be enough to rely on Quadventure-Ibiza and their electric bicycles.

ButGeorg Meyer, Professor of Physical Education and Languages, and I also wanted to confirm that, you can move around the island visiting coves and beaches and not die trying it.


Chatting with other cyclists 

First Day

Quadventure-Ibiza gave us two bikes model Trail BME for 3 days. And without a second thought we were on our way to San Miguel, where we were staying. In just 45 minutes we were there, and considering that most of the way is uphill, it was a good time. That, with a normal bike, for someone who is not fit, it would take more than an hour and a half ... if he ever makes it.
 A small trip on the same day in the afternoon to Santa Eulalia, and using both roads as well as dirt roads, left us with no doubts about the feasibility of using these vehicles as a means of transportation through and around the island. In total 50 km the first day and with legs like new.

Second day

The next day in the morning we went back to Santa Eulalia, and we dedicated the day to test the different levels of support of the Bafang engine.
 In the flat road, the first level helps you enough to keep about 20 km/h easily and continuously, doing more exercise with your legs but without getting at any time to a level of exhaustion. The story changes as the road increases its angle, and the first level quickly becomes inconvenient and/or inefficient if you don´t want to get tired, so using level two is most advisable, for level three does not provide much difference on the climbs, as it does on the plains, where you can go faster and relaxed. That is of course, at the cost of spending a lot more battery power.

The smell of pine trees, the birdsongs, the breathtaking views and the stops to chat with other cyclist on the road, are activities that can not be done if you rent a car.

View of Cala Gracio

In the afternoon, a hard stage. From San Miguel to San Mateo, thence to St. Agnes, and then to San Antonio, but stopping at Cala Gracio to freshen up and play a little beachvolleyball. Some slopes are quite steep. I remember a local man, whom we asked directions, laughing maliciously knowing that the road to St. Agnes was very steep. I told him that we had electric bikes, he told me “good luck.”
The continued rise we did not see as a threat but as an opportunity to slow down to look at the beautiful scenery, breathe the clean air of the forest and have a conversation without loosing our breath. No, I will not get tired of commenting about the overwhelming charm of the island.

Church in San Miguel

A rapid and steep descent to Cala Gracio was the present for both: "suffering" on our climb and a way to check the stability of the bike at high speed.
 Then we went to Café del Mar, of course, to say good bye to the sun until the next day in the company of over a thousand people from all parts of the island.

Sunset at Cafe del Mar

After listening a while to a Dj, we took the road to San Miguel. At night. The main road is not as dangerous as it looks because of its wide shoulder, but there are certain spots where you have to be careful at the exit and entries from side roads. The bike behaved well.
It was already pitch black when we started our descend from San Rafael to San Miguel. The light system was sufficient.

Third Day

The port of San Miguel has a small but very nice beach. Five minutes uphill are the caves of Can Marça on a cliff from which one can recreate the view and relax the spirit.
In the afternoon to the city of Ibiza. On the bike, which has several black spots that deserve the attention of cyclists, especially at a place where there is a house that is impossible to get around it without getting out of the bike path. It is a problem for those who go to San Miguel, but it is even more dangerous for those who go to Ibiza, because theoretically they have to cross the road for about 60 meters and then cross it again to resume to the cycle lane. All this with no crosswalk. The institutions should seek a solution.

View from the Caves from Can Marca


  •     It was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life.
  •     The bikes tested, brand BME are stable and strong.
  •     Its Bafang engine pushes with great power and the disc brakes stop you dry if needed.
  •     They are simple, as I said, and just, as constructive criticism, I would like to have some more support levels to choose from.
  •     One can experience the Island of Ibiza at a slower and relaxing pace, it is a pleasure, I'm almost speechless to describe the incredible experience of using dirt roads across the island and back roads, discovering places where hardly anyone goes.
  •     The institutions should take note of this new type of active tourism, it would be very beneficial for the island.
  •     The construction of a network of battery charging also be a priority, because although the restaurants usually let you plug in the battery, in midsummer if the restaurant is full, it can be a difficult if not impossible task.
  •     In line with the previous point, perhaps establishing a network of well coordinated and publicized stations, will make the experience much safer and enjoyable.

Thumbs up to Quadventure-Ibiza.

What are you waiting to visit the island in an electric bike?

Quadadventure Ibiza

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